Featured Image For HDR Offices
Photographer: photographer unknown

HDR Offices

HDR rebranded/redesigned their office environment from the mundane land of tall cubicles and enclosed offices. HDR Architecture needed a space that expressed their unique approach to a design collaborative/collective and provided all employees with space that delivered inspiration combined with collaboration. The project was deployed in 4 distinct areas and conceptually branded as spaces for inspiration, stimulation, endurance, and confidence. A significant high contrast color scheme was deployed in each area that visually connected the rebranding to the activity desired with in the programmed space. Jury Comments: The minimal detailing, light fixtures, strategic use of color and simple furnishings allow for a memorable display of color and branding. The project is defined by the exceptional discipline in the use of only one color at each of the four programmatic “boxes.” The stylish and dreamy photography is unique, as if it comes straight out of a composite-decade fashion magazine, with its dispassionate yellow-clad avatar treated as a seductive branding element that is as integral to the design as any other elements.

Architect HDR
Owner(s): HDR
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
2016 AIA Nebraska Design Awards