Featured Image For Alley Rethink
Photographer: photographer unknown

Alley Rethink

A pilot project for the National Parks Service-Healthy People Healthy Parks Initiative, Alley [Re]think, seeks to bring active and healthy outdoor spaces to inner-city neighborhoods throughout the country. The project is located in South Omaha’s diverse and culturally rich, Inner City Suburban Neighborhood of Indian Hills. Understanding the positive benefits of natural areas, and healthy environments, Alley [Re]think brings active and healthy living through revitalization of currently abandoned Alleys. The alley space is thought of as Public Park, gathering space, bike trails, and zones of learning for the surrounding community. Incorporating permeable pavement, rain water retention systems, native plants, and the “Railroad Tie” material throughout, the neighborhood will have a diverse opportunity to learn, and be connected to the environment and history of the place. Jury Comments: This conceptual approach attempts, with success, to create a collection of linked community spaces that can act as a stand in for the more traditional park open spaces. We mostly appreciated the impact that this project can have with minimal built forms and limited resources. The varied nature of the opportunities could mean that residents get to direct what activities.

Architect HDR
Owner(s): Highland South/Indian Hills Neighborhood Association
Location: Omaha, Nebraska
2019 AIA Nebraska Design Awards